Boston Big Game kite... Sunday..8.24.14.PBI

Bro and I went out Sunday. Lately when we've gone out of PB there has been much wind but we brought the SFE kites and the small kite rod just in case. His boat's bait well wasn't working so we used my boat. we go down to the Dodge wall about 80' of water. there was some weed patches around. we put baits out and waited... and waited... current was headed North, wind out of NW... we put the drift sock/sea anchor out on North side of boat.. slowly made our way North.. after a while i got bored and said lets put a kite up. we tried both SFE's not enough wind.. said lets try the BBG kite (so small always on my boat)... sure enough we got it up.. we put one bait on it to see if it would hold.. it did.. 15 minutes later we get a hit... on the kite... fish spits hook.. put another gog out.. loosened the tension on the clip some.. 20 min later.. kite gets hit again.. and.. once again... fish goes byebye.. meanwhile, the free swimmers, weighted gogs are living the easy life.. no hits on them.. well.. since the kite got hit twice.. we take the free swimmer and put it on with another kite bait.. wind seemed to have picked up a little and the kite could handle both... 20 min later.. short kite bait gets wacked...line is going out rapidly.. then nothing.. bro is getting pretty pissed now.. reel in line... wire leader broke... by then we were off the Tiara and there was a massive shark swimming around the boat, bro decided he had enough and we went in.

BBG kite went up real easy.. was pretty stable in the light wind and handled the 2 baits fine. definitely had a lot more action on the kite.

Bro is out of town this weekend, so, if anyone would like to join me either saturday or sunday, drop a pm..

catch 'em up!!


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