CK 8/23

Put in around 9:30 and it was the calmest I've seen this year. Which meant it was going to be hot, and it was a sauna. In the first pic you can see a ripple in the distance. Came up on a school of jacks and ladyfish and followed them around for almost an hour. As soon as my Mirrodine hit the water it was on, wife fished with shrimp and CT and did the same. Moved out to the south side of the old North Channel and anchored to catch a few pinfish for cutbait. My wife catches a nice trout and then we drifted across flat in front of Deadmans and caught some more trout. All of them on live shrimp under CT. Fished around Deadmans and only got a small snapper. Moved over to bars between North Key and airport and had the Saltwater Assasin Boats on both sides of us but couldn't get any redfish. Saw some chasing mullet but didn't want we were throwing. Storm moved in around 2:00 and headed in. The grass flats were clear up to 5 feet deep in the area we were in. It was 89 degrees but still picked up some trout.


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    You can be pretty sure they are using chunk mullet for bait.

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    They both pulled up after we had anchored. Wasn't moving in on thier hole. One boat to the north of us was still there when we left, must have been getting something. The one south of us only stayed 10 minutes or so, never saw them catch any. Yeah, I've used the cut mullet before and have done good with it in the Fall, wish I would have picked up a couple at the baitstore.
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    Flash, have you and your wife ever stayed at this home called "Cedar Point"? We usually stay at the Old Fenimore for my birthday but saved up a little to get this place in late September. Maybe we won't get stuff stolen out of our boat or truck. It looks great but it only allows four people to stay. Hopefully it's cooled down some by then.
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    Yeah...this time of year ya' can't beat cut mullet!! Thanks for the nice report!
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    Great report. It was extremely hot today. Would have been a good day to pour a bucket of ice water on your head...
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    ripnlips wrote: »
    Great report. It was extremely hot today. Would have been a good day to pour a bucket of ice water on your head...

    Too funny! The hot days of summer are definitely upon us.

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    Pretty hot out there , WTG!
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    It was steaming for sure, looking forward to a few degrees cooler...
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    Look like and was a great day on the water.
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