Windy morning in Titusville!

Jmt2404Jmt2404 OfficerPosts: 188 Officer
This morning I made the drive to haulover canal for a last hoorah for the tournament. Got to the canal at 530 with clear skies but wind was already fast. After admiring all the stars (can't seem them clear in ft pierce) and the crazy amount of bioluminescent glow I decided not to put in in the canal and drove down to dummit cove to try and find shelter from the wind. Found some mullet schools but nothing chasing them and then I thought I found a school of big reds with their back out of the water, but it turned out to be a gator.... And that was the end of my excitement for the day. Frustrating morning fighting with the wind inside the canal and out. Didn't help that I didn't catch anything but a catfish... Called it a day around 12 and drove home..

Couldn't even check out KBB outfitters cuz they were closed! On a Monday.. :banghead


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