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Jupiter Kings and BBi Phins with Darcizzle, 8/25 & 8/26/14

Had a pretty good fishing weekend, I actually think we did better than most. Now if that could just happen on Tourney day we'd be all set! Had planned to go out for dolphin (don't need any more kings thanks!) on Saturday but got a call to do a quick 1/2 day charter with Mike ANGLER MANAGEMENT McCormack, so it' was kite's up! He did a report too, so highlight was this good size king, about 30-35?, and I had to post this pic of Mike with his first try at the patent pending Darcizzle Twist:

Sunday we slept in a bit (630-7am) and just headed straight out. Saw some fishy area between 800 and 1000' feet and then a decent rip with a weedline, put out a ballyhoo spread (circle hook skippers on the outriggers and split nose swimmers inside those but outside the wash). Picked up any number of 18" babies and were happy to land these three decent ones which seem good size for summer mahi around here for the last two years.

We also tried a tip we learned in a Poveromo seminar to catch monster phins and wahoo, we bumped trolled a live legal phin 50' down on the downrigger for about 10 minutes before it got crushed. Probably a shark, but maybe a wahoo? Don't think even a large phin would do this.

Best of luck out there!


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