My new kayak rack.

JanosJanos Posts: 219 Officer
My old rack was to high and to narrow so I had to build a new one.This one is 5 feet long 20 inch high and 40 inch wide.It was a pain to lift my Hobie on the old one but this is so much lower and being so wide I have no problem putting it on.I used 1 1/2 inch pipe and also used pac cement to make sure the pieces are staying together.
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  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 1,796 Captain
    That PVC pipe is alot stronger than I thought it would be. If you paint it, you will protect it from uv and it will last alot longer.
  • kayakfrankkayakfrank Posts: 791 Officer
    Simple but effective. Your Ocean Kayak must be a little pissed off at this point. :mad
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  • JanosJanos Posts: 219 Officer
    The kayaks are covered at all times with a huge tarp and my Ocean kayak has not seen water for a few years now Frank.
    2015 Hobie Outback.
  • Pescatoral PursuitPescatoral Pursuit Posts: 5,065 Admiral
    No respect for the OK.

    PVC is already UV resistant. Not the case w CPVC.

    Mixing sch40 w DWV fittings? How gauche. (jk)

    Dont forget to lock that sucker up.
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