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First time catches , New Captain too

Hi guys, new to the forums but heard about them for a while now. Just wanted to share more story on here.

Been fishing since I was a kid (mostly just Lakes/Canals) around the Hialeah/Miami Lakes area. And occasionally as I got older I would fish Saltwater Piers and Fish off my Older brothers boat Offshore fishing. But not much Inshore fishing if any!

Just this past July, I had the financials means of buying my own boat! Something that was always wishful thinking but could never make happen...
Bought me a nice little Bay Boat, 2009 KeyWest 1520 CC ,So excited! :)

I decided to start exploring the area in around BlackWater Sound (Key Largo) , since that's the closet area to me that from what I know has some decent Inshore Fishing. Going on a friends advice I started at one spot and worked my way from there finding other spots. So from about 3 fishing trips I caught my First Snook, SheepsHead, and my Biggest Mangrove Snapper so far. Also had 2 chances on Tarpon but they went flying threw out the hook... =/ oh well third time is the charm! LOL




I think this is a ok start for Newbie :) , Going out again this weekend ,we'll see how it goes.
Happy Weekend people, Tight Lines!


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