Summer Recap - Snook, Tarpon, Redfish

Summer 2014 has taken me further away from fishing and my home waters of the Treasure Coast as it has brought me to a new chapter in my professional career, hence my first post of summer! After returning to home from Texas A&M around early May there was no time to waste as I only had a little over a week before departing for New Orleans to begin my 90 day summer internship with Tidewater Marine, an international offshore supply vessel company out Port Fourchon, Louisiana servicing the offshore oil and gas industry. So I wiped the Texas mud off the Slayer 14, checked the wind and tides, and began to explore my old spots around Fort Pierce to see what I could find...


Found no shortage of baby tarpon feeding up in the shadows of the mangrove overhangs and culvert outflows. Caught lots of these little guys on both spin and on the 8wt on these small minnow patterns I have been tying, and on my new favorite lure I decided to try randomly, the Vudu shrimp.


This snook seemed to have no issues with the new shrimp pattern either once I put it in his line of sight!


Also found some more tarpon...


Also was able to pull a solid redfish out from under the mangrove shadows on the Vudu as well

Fast forward 90 days through the end of May, all of June and July, then into the middle of August and I finally am reunited with the Florida coast and these hot, thunderstorm days. First trip out this past Friday I barely escaped the hurricane and lightning that overtook south Florida for the afternoon. Hit the water in Fort Pierce on Sunday morning and found a smaller red busting bait under the mangroves


Also was able to find a few lingering baby poons chilling in the hot, stagnant, dark water lagoon that were willing to take flies as well as small soft plastic baits. Jumped a few up to 10lbs and landed a couple smaller ones.


Decided to switch it up on Tuesday and head up to the Mosquito Lagoon for the first time. Left early and was on the water before the sun was up. Paddle across to the east side and was greeted with no boats, mats of dense grass, and a few happy redfish. Put the stalk on a few fish and finally connected on a nice one on a DOA CAL rigged on a weed less Slayer jig head.


Continued to explore and enjoy the rest of the day in some unfamiliar territory and get denied by some more redfish due to clear water and poor casts on my part, 90 days of no fishing has really taken its toll haha! I really am jealous of the ecosystem that they guys up in Titusville have, it is truly an amazing fishery and they have done a nice job to protect it (I believe our area could take some tips from them)...

GRASS! GRASS! GRASS! An unfamiliar site in the Fort Pierce area right now


Finished the day playing with some more baby tarpon in a creek/canal I found and ended up jumping one on the fly rod. Fall semester does not start until Sept. 1st so with any luck I should have another report or two before I leave. Thanks for reading and enjoy,
Joe Harrison


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