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Wekiva river

I'm planning on making a trip to see some family later this week. They live on the wekiva river and have canoes and kayaks. Just curious how the bass fishing is up there compared to the canals in palm beach county I'm used to fishing. Is a canoe sufficient enough to fish up there? Or should I bring my boat as well? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks


  • RealSeabeeRealSeabee Posts: 583 Officer
    I haven't been up there in a month or so but I can tell you that the water is really HIGH right now. Changes tactics a lot, for me anyway.
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  • Silent snookerSilent snooker Posts: 378 Deckhand
    If you had to goose your go to lure fishing their what would it be? I generally use flukes and finesse worms on ultra light, would that works?
  • MRichardsonMRichardson Posts: 10,433 AG
    I fish it frequently. I assume you'll be up in the Sorrento area?
    The water is high, moving quick. Little tougher fishing, but when it's
    like this I like to use frogs early and late, as far back into the stuff
    as I can get them. If you're fishing near the stretch of river I mention
    above, you'll find a lot of vegetation in the water. Jigs, worms, frogs
    and plastic swimbaits are easiest to use in conditions like this.

    Canoe should be fine.
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  • red owlred owl Posts: 671 Officer
    There is a lot of traffic on the weekends from folks renting canoes and kayaks. I would figure the best bet is to get back into the sloughs and fish the thick stuff, frogs across the top. If you fly fish- bass bugs.
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