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West Central First time Freshwater Yak fishing

Hey Freshwater section, first time posting here. I usually stick to Salt but recently found a very enticing lake. I very RARELY used to fish fresh and this was the first time fishing from the yak in fresh, and first time fishing this lake.

Only had a couple hours Sunday morning so i had to make the most of it. After changing up the technique a few times i found the ticket (and a couple fish) in deeper water. Fishing the pads and a couple docks didn't produce. Tied on a squarebill KVD crankbait and got a couple fish. Only caught these 2 but given the time i was on the water and the tougher conditions (HOT) I was happy with that. The second fish I caught (first pic) is a personal best bass. I would estimate 5-6 Lbs.

Ya, I'll be fishing fresh more often! :grin


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