THE BULL IS ON!!! THE BULL IS ON!!! Those were the words that came out of my cousins mouth. This whole summer my team and I have been in search for that BIG BULL little did we know that Saturday afternoon was the day!! Late start for us Saturday afternoon we head out about 2-3pm out of key Biscayne straight east till about 1200 ft of water saw some scattered weeds (thick) we decided to troll. 15 minutes in, the rod takes off!! she jumped up and we immediately saw that she was a nice size fish. As we bring her in, directly behind her we see the BULL jumping chasing her. Once we get the cow in the cooler the other rod takes off!! this is when a battle took place between man and beast. this is it!!! the moment that we've been waiting for all summer long has finally arrived. after 45 long minutes he's in!! didn't get to weigh him what do you guys think? what a day out with the team!! hope you guys enjoy the pics show some support and follow @gametimefishingteam on instagram.


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