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Kapt.HookKapt.Hook Posts: 431 Deckhand
We cleared the inlet at 0730 ish and headed east for the 90' reef to do 3 drops with some freediving mixed in-between tanks.

First spot not marking much on the sounder but being a grouper/lobster spot and the commercial king boys all around, I had no worries.

Two of my buddies dropped down I jumped in with a float line to try and get lucky with a king. Well I wasn't able to make any shots on them; the kings were very skittish and the bulls were very interested in what I was doing. We had 4 bulls that were hanging around and one big bull that had some Cobia following him. That was a failed attempted to stick one unfortunately. My buddies on scuba came up and said there wasn't much going on no bugs but had a couple mangos and sheepheads on the stringers. We picked up and moved on in shallow to a ledge in hopes of less sharky waters, it was my turn to tank up and drop down! Big lion fish every 10 feet along the ledge I built a homemaker zookeeper yesterday cause they are so plentiful and tasty!


I ended up shooting 2 lions, 4 sheephead and a very nice gray! He was heading away I took the shot and he rolled over stoned! My personal best!


On my ascent approximately 15' off the top of the ledge I was greeted by a couple AJs 30-40# spear still in the head on my grouper so I wasn't able to stick one but I was very happy with the gray!

There was a decent south current on the bottom on the top not much of a current top to bottom viz in 60', 90' was 50' of viz on the top and the bottom was 10'viz at best.


  • thaythay Posts: 78 Greenhorn
    We were probably close to you as the king boats were all over us in 90' NE of Sebastian Sat. The egg to keeper ratio was 4 to 1 but we
    still ended up with quit a few bugs. Lots of big mango and some nice grouper on the larger reefs in 100'. Great vis and little current, and
    72-75 degrees on the bottom.
  • Triple Threat 33TTriple Threat 33T Port CanaveralPosts: 18,669 Admin
    Awesome report. Glad the Bulls didn't show any more interest in you than what they did.

    We actually had a GW follow a King to the boat several weeks ago while Snapper fishing. I think I'll stick to shallow water Keys diving. :grin Although even then, I've seen some big Bulls and and small Tigers while diving around Bahia Honda. Seen some very big Hammerheads while tarpon fishing there too.

    By the way, I'm copying this report to our Divers Forum as well.
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  • cuda141cuda141 Posts: 619 Officer
    Good report and nice grouper!!!! Dove 3 tanks on Pelican first day of mini season, guarantee I covered at least a 1/4 mile myself of good lookin rock and ledges, only saw 4 bugs, 2 had eggs, one was impossible to get to, and I pretty much blew it on the 4th one. Hoping for some action out of Port Canaveral Thursday.
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