Yesterday I went for Whiting and caught the winner!

LarrypompanomanLarrypompanoman Posts: 183 Deckhand
Yesterday was the Big WT (whiting tournament ) in Jacksonville Beach a monthly contest sponsored by the Ritz Bar and this is a picture of my first place catch. Great food, great people and great fishing what an awesome day!
This tournament's proceeds go to wounded warriors and other charities so its a good time and a good cause.


  • dannosdoormatsdannosdoormats Posts: 171 Deckhand
    I thought Whiting & Pompano were primarily Winter Time species?
  • olebobolebob Posts: 114 Deckhand
    Whiting and pompano are year 'round!
  • repairrepair Posts: 208 Deckhand
    Whiting are hot in South Fla now
    I have to admit I am a FISHAHOLIC.
    viet vet usaf 71-75
  • SouthJettySouthJetty Posts: 588 Officer
    Nice catch!
    You shoulda been here yesterday.
  • SchmidtySchmidty Posts: 6,814 Admiral
    Hey Larry..

    Keep knocking um out of the park.

    I like my Whiting filets batter dipped in Bisquick and beer.

    I make a tartar sauce with pickled watermelon rind, jalapeño, lemon, worstershire, a few spices and helmans.

    Did I mention that I eat them with beer?:wink
    On Wednesday, 1/25/2017...Florida Sportsman "Big Kahunna"......"Triple Threat 33T" gave his "official word"...and greasy thumb saying....."Here's your written rules Schmidty, No Politics in OT. You're welcome."

    ...and with that history was made...:)
  • Grey BeardGrey Beard Posts: 91 Greenhorn
    Whiting Supremo

    4-6 filets
    2-3 tbl minced onion
    3 tbl butter
    ¼ c parmesan
    ¼ c Miracle Whip
    1 rounded tsp Old Bay Seasoning

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

    Lightly salt filets on each side then pat each side with lemon juice. Put onion and butter in small bowel and microwave for 1.5minutes. Add the Miracle Whip, Parmesan and Old Bay to the bowl and mix thoroughly. Place filets in a shallow, oiled baking dish and spread mixture over the filets. Bake for 10min then broil for 3-4 min making sure not to over brown.

    Easy and delicious.

    Grey Beard
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