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St. Pete Sailfish in 40 feet!

Last Saturday my friend, my girlfriend and I went out of St. Pete to look for some Gags. The weather was perfect and our short ride out was very easy. We got out to our spot around 8:30 in 40ft of water and started dropping down some frozen Sardines. The bite was constant for the next 3 hours but we failed to get a single fish over the side of the boat. :banghead
The fish we were hooking into took us into the structure with ease once they realized they had a hook in their mouth. I'm assuming they were monster Goliaths. Towards the end, during our prolonged "10 min countdown" I let out some anchor line and we got a few yards off the structure and I hooked into another big fish that started heading right for the rocks. But this time I was able to get him out from the rocks and was starting to gain ground. :fishing I was probably about 10 mins in when my girlfriend and I saw a sailfish jump out of the water. Both of us couldn't believe what we just saw. :willynilly About 15 seconds later our flat line starts singing and as soon as my friend grabs the rod the sail starts dancing on top of the water for about 15 yards. I broke off on my fish and jumped up and pulled the anchor. We chased it down and after a great fight we were able to boat the fish for a few pictures and get it back in the water to revive it. We still can’t believe what happened this weekend but here are a few pictures to remind us that it was real.


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