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7-26-2014 Boynton 1 for 2 on Wahoo's

Fished a half day with Chris and Cayden this morning. Cleared the inlet to nice seas and no weeds this time. We set the spread up with a strip and a mullet down deep and two lures up top. Worked the inlet for a half hour then moved up the north. We change the surface spread to a squid strip and a double hook ballyhoo with a awesome purple and black chugger from Ray's. Get up to the ritz and the planer does a quick scream then it pop's. That fish comes unglued and when i'm bringing it in Chris see's the rigger bouncing and yells rigger. As soon as i turn around the 50 starts screaming and doesn't stop. Cayden starts reeling but the fish just takes off and not gaining any line. Well after a 10 min battle a nice wahoo comes aboard. Back to back bites from 150-130 feet. Worked the area for a 30 more mins then decided to troll back to boynton to try bottom fishing. Got a strawberry grouper and a mutton and a few grunts. After that called it a day. Want to say thanks to Tj from ray's. Great guy. He told me to get this chugger and put it over a ballyhoo. Man it works and gives off a nice smoke trail threw the water. I'll be back for more.






Captain Cayden





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