Fishing Near Placida

Headed to Placida next week with the family. I have two young boys (6 and 4) who want to catch a tarpon. I’ve fished Boca Grande Pass but don’t think they, or momma, are up for that circus. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what areas, (canals, holes, mangrove shorelines, etc) might hold small tarpon this time of year. If the tarpon doesn’t work out, any ideas on where we could anchor up and catch mangroves? Mostly, they love catching…fishing, not so much. :fishing Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Hunt, and fish, with your kids when they are young and you won’t have to hunt for them later.


  • jrimmer1987jrimmer1987 Posts: 70 Deckhand
    All the crowds are gone in BGP. If you know how to tarpon fish the pass your chances are still good to hook up. Also the mangrove snapper are crazy thick in the pass right now too! Two hours and you will have your limit.
  • Real VReal V Posts: 465 Officer
    You have mail.
  • ScoutboatScoutboat Posts: 2,112 Captain
    Try Gasparilla Pass for mangroves or anything else.
    Drift through the pass while bottom bumping a jig.
  • yellowdogyellowdog Posts: 150 Deckhand
    use a small circle hook in LGI pass as described above. fish will hook themselves and kids will have a blast.
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