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Question about guides...

So, once again, NC guy here coming down to visit family that lives on Miller's Bayou. We're coming down from the 7th till the 17th. I was thinking that I might spend a lot of time trying to figure out the fishing myself.....that I might could just save time by getting a guide. Would it be worth my time to get a guide for a half day trip...by myself? I would do a whole day, but funds are tight with the my son just being born, and I'd not want to spend TOO much time away from the family on vacation.

I'd be interested in snook, trout, reds, tarpon, whatever. Just not sure who would be a good guide for a first timer for inshore. I bass and trout fish up here in NC....just haven't done much saltwater stuff.

Also...what's the going rate on a half day?


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