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Dream day on the flats

Fished with a buddy yesterday and only managed 2 fish, small red and even smaller trout, all morning. Asked him if he wanted to try again Sunday morning and he said with the action so slow, that he would sleep in. So I headed out by myself this morning to fish the same area near the St. Lucie power plant. Launched at 5:45 and by 6:00 the 1st fish was in the yak. Bait was getting busted everywhere and I was the only one on the flat :dance... From 6am-8am it was non-stop action. My top water plug was getting crushed just about every throw. Best fish of the day was a 39" snook. Caught lots of snook & trout and one redfish to complete the inshore slam. Biggest trout was 25". Released everything except the big trout. I tried to revive her for 15 minutes but she just kept going belly up :banghead, so she came home for dinner. By 9am the bite was just about over and the sun was getting hot so I called it a day. It was one of the most epic 3 hrs of fishing that I have had in some time. :cool

Tight Lines..


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