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Inshore Night Action 7/23

Hey guys, I am a little late on the report but its worthy.

Went out to the beach in Clearwater a couple days ago with a buddy of mine. We have been fishing together for a long time, and somehow he hasnt been able to land a snook. That all changed. We spent quite some time in search of bait. Starting right as the sun was going down, I must have thrown the net 25 times with only about 8 baits to show for it. Frustrated, we went to the spot to fish. First cast my buddy gets nailed by a huge ladyfish, and reels in his pinfish, which was not happy about the incident. He tosses it back out and two seconds later gets smacked. Fish on. He broke his cherry and landed this beauty of a snook. Not bad for the first. He was able to hook up to another snook just as big, and we landed it. Two snook around 38 inches. We went through the bait quick, as the ladyfish were a nuisance all night. After about an hour of fishing we decided to call it quits. Glad to see him get into the lunker snook club. Even cooler to see him catch two in one night. One was caught off of a silver jenny and the other off of a good size pinfish.


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