Quickie Pompano report (7/30)

Dusted off the rods and reels for a trip of Pompano today. Light W/SW breeze, 1 kt north current. Fished the edge of the reef with live bait. Multiple kings hooked and cut off, so right as I retie my flat with wire I see a sail free jumping right towards me. 50' away, I pitch him a pilchard. He light up, chases for a few seconds with his sail up, then sinks out. That's why I don't fish wire... Ya Ya I know, they can be hooked on wire, but I've seen that scenario before. Landed and released 2 kings between 20-30 lb after switching to wire. Man, they're tough to get a hook from. One I had to just cut free and the other i screwed around with until the hook pulled. Had a nice mutton head come up on the bottom rod, probably would have been 25" or bigger. The shark followed the head up and proceeded to eat the pilchard on my flat. Couple monster blue runners and a bonita. I need help catching bonita, I never seem to get any, and when I do they're not small ones. Any tips? Go figure, i WANT to catch small bonita, but can't... I suck. anyways, tight lines, googan out.


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