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7-29 SLI Tuna

Went out this morning by myself and glad to find plenty of bait at Bull Shark. Went out to the Hill and put out my huge spread of two cedar plugs (I was afraid I couldn't handle much more by myself) and BAM, little tunny in the box! Trolled for a while longer and only managed one more. Decided to go out to 450 and drift with livies. Didn't get anything, but heard a guy on the radio released two Sails in 500 ft! I finally made my way in to Sirotkin and managed to pull a few lines on some Bonita and one small shark. Called it a day and back in by 1:30. Good thing too, the storms came up quick and strong....I felt bad for anybody who might have got stuck out there. Cevichi cooking now!


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