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SLI 7/27 Boys First Sail!

Convincing a 7 year old he has to get up at 5:30 to go fishing (his first time offshore) is not as hard as I thought. We met Rodworks at the ramp at 6:15 and headed out SLI. Loaded up live well by 7:30 and headed out to about 120'. We pushed through a few early bonito and hooked into a sailfish that put on quite a tail-walking show for for our junior angler. He held tight and with a little assistance he leadered the fish. After a few pics of this proud father/son moment we successfully released the fish. After one more sail for we headed out to bluer water looking for dinner around 9:30am.

Gave it a valiant effort until about 1pm with not much happening besides a refreshing deep water swim. On the run in we encounter a group of mantas and Rodworks made quick work picking 2 nice cobes off of them. Dinner is served. My son's first bluewater experience was stellar! Nature put on quite a show with turtles, bottle-nosed dolphins, rays, and the angling was even better, other than a lesson in patience.


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