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Sanibel Snookin!

chalmerspchalmersp Posts: 267 Deckhand
Hey all, my family is headed out to Sanibel for a week in mid July for a mini "vacation" although its literally a mile away from where we used to live :P Anywho, Were staying about mid island, on the gulf. I know the snook are there on the beaches and definitely plan to catch me some! But where else is good on the island? Ill have a car, though id rather not drive... Last time I was home from school, Ding Darling was closed. Is it open now?
Im doing my best to acquire a 8wt for the trip, but now im limited to light/medium spinners.
Thanks for the suggestions guys!


  • Salt LifeSalt Life Posts: 26 Deckhand
    Tarpon Bay is always a good time, rent a kayak and drag live shrimp behind you will get you trout all day long. If you paddle across the bay there is a small cut that holds a lot of different fish. Magroves all over hold mangos and snook and red fish. Couple of years ago there was something rather large crusing around that cut, couldn't make out what it was but it was big and fast, dolphin or shark most likely. The peir is also a good spot when there is current. I'll be down there starting this weekend.
  • FishaHallicFishaHallic Posts: 660 Officer
    I will be down there also starting on Sunday. Go to youtube and check out any Sanibel fishing videos, might not pick up a lot of tips but it will give you some ideas what to expect. I'm sure there should be snook on the beaches and at least at Blind pass. I noticed the full moon will be on Sunday (I think) hopefully that won't mess up my fishing because I normally don't do well around the full moon (bass fishing wise anyways).

    Good luck
  • veroyaker14veroyaker14 Posts: 22 Greenhorn
    Just walk the beaches in the AM and you'll get into the snook. Yo-zuri crystal minnows, DOA cals shad tails, rapala x-raps, doa shrimp, or Gulp! baits should get the job done if your using spinning tackle
  • pergatronpergatron Posts: 251 Deckhand
    if you do wildlife drive (ding) there are lots of spots to fish from shore. look for moving water. if you walk the beaches go early morning and late evening. stay back up on the beach and look for the fish.
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