Camping In The Keys + Lobstering

Last year we camped in Long Key, but didn't bring a boat (still had a blast though). This year we're camping in Bahia Honda & are bringing the boat. Plan to try my hand at lobster hunting. I've researched a bit & am in the process of getting some gear (no scuba just snorkeling), but any further insight would be greatly appreciated.


  • RedactionRedaction Posts: 1,461 Officer
    Lots of holes right off Bahia Honda...use a ski rope or PVC pipe tied to a rope, have someone drag you around slowly as you scan the bottom for tentacles. Just make sure there are at least two people on the boat…and someone is watching you all of the time.
  • The MidgeThe Midge Posts: 461 Deckhand
    Human trolling...... Wear the blue and white tutu.. LOL. I would venture to bet my dad drug me from Key Largo to Key West as a kid!! Hope you found them.
  • SurfKasterSurfKaster Posts: 134 Deckhand
    Thanks for the input fellas. Got most of my gear ready. I'll post pics pending how thing turn out.

    Next question are places to eat. I'm not talking the overpriced "look at my scenery & over priced talapia tacos". I'm looking for a hole-in-the-wall type joint. Most of our meals will be cooked at camp, but we'll venture out from time to time. The few locations we ate at last year left little to be desired, however being from Louisiana doesn't help:\
  • YnotjaxYnotjax Posts: 179 Deckhand

    Close to you my kids loved sitting outside watching the sunset. Went 2x last trip from 8-20 depending what you order

    35th street in marathon gulf side
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