Miamimuttonman report the hookless Mangrove catch

I was out of Tavernier, fishing a spot in 60 feet with this family, the father mother and daughter team. this young girl send me a pic of the day before, we were scheduled to go out, In this pic she was holding a nice black grouper she had caught, right away I new she was a naturally good angler and she would do very well in this trip. She proved me right as she did not stop catching fish and making every bottom bait count. She caught a nice mutton a hand full of big mangroves and a dozen tails as she tried to out fish her mother catching yellow tails, as she did her father on the bottom fishing. Here is an incredible catch of a tangled mangrove she got without hooking it, then used the same bait to go back down and catch a mutton. Here are other recent keys catches that tell the story. IMG_7513_zpsf1cf717a.jpgIMG_7514_zps00fe6830.jpgIMG_7512_zpse92809e4.jpgIMG_7517_zpse4b0097d.jpgIMG_7505_zps58d8b58f.pngIMG_7516_zps1508b110.jpgother keys catches IMG_7535_zps7d0ff908.jpgIMG_7529_zps6a96aba6.jpgIMG_7527_zps341e01bb.jpgIMG_7537_zps8cd300a9.jpgIMG_7525_zpsc66fe5db.jpgIMG_7523_zpse2d97935.jpgIMG_7556_zps0ecf5cd3.jpgIMG_7553_zpsa300f4fd.jpgIMG_7561_zpsc7a8e667.jpg another report in the south section, check it out. Tight lines


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