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The Kitchen (Ruskin) Report 7/29

Put in at the culvert of US41 at 6am. Tide was high and on the way out. Wind was pretty strong and caused a chop on the water, but it kept it cool and kept the bugs away.

Made it to the leeward side of an island where it was flat and began to throw a top-water SS Jr. in bone color tied to a 2 ft section of flourocarbon leader. Second cast I caught a nice 18" red, released. Few casts later a nice trout, released. Lots of fish activity so I threw a live shrimp on a cork towards the mangroves. Caught a mangrove snapper, released.

Only had a short time to fish so I wanted to move out towards an oyster bed. Wind was tough out in the open. Threw out one shrimp on a cork and another on a weighted hook and slowly realed it in bumping on the bottom. Felt the shrimp twitch and saw my line go tight. I set the hook on a nice 23" red. He put up a GREAT fight and made about 5 or 6 nice drag-screaming runs.

The red bite continued for the next 30 minutes (maybe longer, but I had to go to work), all on the weighted hook. Nothing at all on the cork which is weird because usually it will atleast attract a catfifh, lady or jack. Anyways, ended up catching 6 reds, one trout, one mangrove, one stingray. Kept one red, everything else released. Out of the water by 830.


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