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  • Roc N RolRoc N Rol Posts: 1,352 Officer
    How does a boat get capsized in seas less than 1/2 foot seas. I was towed once and the tow boat captain said they had just worked a boat that capsized, I asked how it happened, he said same as always all 3 men were fighting the same fish on the same side of the boat and a wave hit them form the other side and with all the weight on the same side they went right over. It seems that was not the case with calm seas. I always remember that when out and make sure we all are not on the same side so this wont happen. Just a speculation on my part but that could have been what happened and they got waked by a passing boat.
  • Uncle BuckUncle Buck Posts: 1,195 Officer
    It's also possible that the boat was sinking prior to capsizing. Once there's enough water ingress, things like an in-hull fuel tank low on gas become more buoyant than the rest of the boat. Center of gravity changes. Boat turns turtle. But of course, with the lack of info about this particular accident, that's just speculation. At this point, we don't even know what type of boat or whether or not they were even fishing.
    Meanwhile, on the little fiberglass boat Uncle Buck...
  • LastMangoLastMango Posts: 4,574 Officer
    Yes, I suspect it was taking on water... Why people only have one bilge pump and not a second one with a visual and audio alarm is BEYOND me, even on a small boat, it is MANDATORY in my mind...
  • PolarPolar Lake WorthPosts: 22,454 AG
    Was my father's Highschool friend that died. Very sad
  • p914p914 Posts: 503 Officer
    Saw that incident from the Island Time drift boat. I thought a hobie had overturned at first.
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