Jacksonville Boat Club on Beach Blvd

model14model14 JacksonvillePosts: 1,006 Officer
Anyone here belong to the subject club? If so, I would appreciate talking to you about the pros and cons.



  • TUGTUG Posts: 824 Officer
    long as its not freedom boat club...that place can suck festering donkey ****.
  • BadfishBadfish Posts: 1,078 Officer
    My buddy is and he really seems to like it. Personally, I'd never go for it. You have to pay something like $6k up front and then it's around $500/$600 per month after that. The last time he took me out we had trouble with the GPS because the last person had effed up all the settings. I'd rather have my own boat so I can customize as needed and I don't have to worry about anybody else messing it up or dogging it like a rental car.

    That said, you just call ahead and they have the boat in the water (usually on time....I've heard some horror stories). Play all day, bring it back, gas it up, walk away.
  • UglycusUglycus Posts: 218 Officer
    I have a co-worker that has been a member for the last few years. He really likes it but is not a fisherman. He say he has to reserve a boat months in advance for holidays, but besides that they normally have some thing for him. Not for me, but seems to fit his families needs.
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