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7/26 dolphin, tuna, cuda LHP

Much like it's been for the last few months, lots of weed inside with no fish, scattered weed with quality fish 20+ out.
Topped off the boat Friday afternoon and decided to sneak out to do a bit of scouting for Saturday's trip. Found a bunch of weed with no fish anywhere to be seen. Saturday am headed for the horizon. At 19 off, found a bunch of birds working tuna. While we were chasing them, came across a phone pole hanging vertically in the water. Immediately got covered up with munchkin dolphin. Played with them for a while in hopes something bigger would show.

Gave up after 45 minutes and continued east. Got into a area of scattered weed and dropped the spread. My buddy talked me into putting out one of his new Chewy Hoo's. I personally hate them but what the hell, out it went with a pink skirt on it.
Half hour later, short left goes down hard and a 12lb bull takes to the air... with the Chewy Hoo hanging from it's mouth. :banghead
Nice team effort lands Mr. Fin in the ice box.

Minutes after getting reset and moving, left long snaps and the 30 starts screaming until the fish had dumped over 250 yards. Get the sister-in-law belted up and start clearing rods with visions of monster dolphin or billfish dancing in our heads. Suddenly the fish gives up and SIL begins cranking the fish to the boat. The dreams of high-fives begin to fade and the nightmare of spots begins to take over. Sure enough, get him to the boat and there's 6' of barracuda with a yellow feather pinned right in his snout. Only reason he didn't cut the mono leader was where he was hooked.

Watching the nasty weather building to the south of us, we knew we were on the short clock. Spread goes back out and 20 minutes later, short left goes down hard again. Fish takes off on a long run, belt up the brother-in-law and sure enough, after the long run, fish gives up and comes straight to the boat. So we were figuring another cuda and when it got to the boat, surprise... surprise and fat skippy joined the fin in the ice. With the Chewy Hoo hanging from his mouth.:banghead

Would have loved to stay and worked it some more but with the lightning starting to drop more frequently, pulled the plug and hit the dock.


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