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Blistered the Blackfins with a special Treat SLI 7/25

Started on the edge somewhere near the loran tower. Dirty green water had me head deep. We found gorgeous weeds in 260 with lots of bait but couldn't buy a bite. Worked out deep with nothing. Spread was a mix of hoos and plastic with a horse and lure on the shotgun after hearing about a blue bowed up earlier this week in the area. We dragged three hours with no love and I pointed at the hill.
Good golly miss Molly! When I say we blistered the black fins on the hill today its an understatement! Might well be a career high. We kept a couple dozen and released twice that many. Heart got racing when one of our marlin baits disappeared and fish ran into the backing. I was sure we had something important. Maybe a yellow fin? Big wahoo? I was gonna cry when it turned out to be the single biggest bonito I have ever seen. Pushing high twenties and pulled like a yellowfin twice its size. Put her back on the troll and reloaded that bait (Canyongear cup faced hoo machine with a horse) with a fresh one. No sooner got it set than something tugged and let go. I jigged it and the fish came back. Line went racing off and I was thinking a second giant bonito?
A second run had me scratching my head... Then a lot of pull for about 15 minutes... Turned out it was a good sized sail. Nice icing on the cake. Cleaned fish for a long time. Raced home to take wife out for birthday dinner. Now back home reloading to do it again tomorrow...


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