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Jupiter Muttons

Today was one of those days that makes it all worth while. Broke the inlet at 7:15A and to my surprise the sandiness were in abundance just north of the inlet in 25 ft. I'm talking full sbikis on every drop, took all of 15 minutes to load the live well. Had my good friend and fishing partner with me today and we targeted muttons. Fished between 75 and 90ft between Jupiter and Juno and wound up with 8 nice muttons(sorry no pics). All fish were taken on live dines. Only bad part of the day was when I picked up a what looked like around a 20lb king off the bottom, got him to the boat and while trying to leader him in (30ft. leader) he decided to bolt and snapped my Penn rod in two! Second time that happened with the same Penn blank. Went out this evening and got me a "Star Rod", ain't gonna break this one. Largest fish was 23 inches, it was a great day.


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