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Hook Removal Demonstration

Ok. This is not for the faint of heart! :hairraiser


This guy is genuinely bad a$$.


  • divn4$divn4$ Posts: 1,530 Captain
    Fish Tails wrote: »
    This guy is genuinely bad a$$.

    Or just an A$$.....

    Go Navy.....
  • jbannon62jbannon62 Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    Ya I have had several hooks in my thumb and one next to it. The second was easy 2/0 worm hook because I had the right tool with me and just sniped it off. The first one actually went into my thumb and bleed terribly and ended up in ranger station, this was bass fishing in AZ.. My partner tried the line thing three times no luck. They eventually also sniped it off. When I started saltwater fishing when I came here in 98 I went to home depot and brought a 9/0 hook with me and bought snips that could easily were able to cut the hook. For me it's about peace of mind. You really need if you fish with newbies and kids.
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