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Hello everybody! This winter Im headed down to keys for the first time and staying in key colony and renting a 22' boat as well. Im trying to prepare what gear I'm bringing and was looking for some help as Im new to saltwater fishing. I currently have two Penn 309M's with 60# mono spooled, still looking for a good rod as Ill have to order a couple (kind of hard to come by in Michigan!). What I'm not sure about is how to set them up exactly. I'd like to have a way to be able to quickly change from bottom fishing to trolling without retying so I was thinking just tying a clip to the end of the line making me able to switch between a pre-tied trolling or bottom rig? Any specifics on the trolling and bottom rigs would be appreciated. Also any info on what will be around at the end of december/early january without going to far out (10 miles or so)? Thanks for your input!


  • Drewvale21Drewvale21 Posts: 315 Deckhand
    Usually around that time the wind kicks up with all the cold fronts coming in. The day before the cold front it's usually flat clam. Around that time the wahoo and all the Pelagics get close to the reef as they are chasing the bait balls. Wahoo, kingfish, mackerels, sailfish etc will be closer to land and usually to the reef line or in closer. I've caught kingfish in 10 ft of water. Follow the bait schools flying everywhere. You can trop spools for kings/mackerel or hit the edge for wahoo and sails.. This what we do, hopefully others reply and give you more info. Goodluck
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