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Quite waters park mountain biking

Does anyone go?

Looking for some people to ride with.
A lazy fisherman is a boater!!


  • locoloco Posts: 1,294 Officer
    I don't know you. Are you even I a social group? I bet you are just an outsider.

    Shoot me a PM when you are thinking of going... I'll ride with you if I can make it... or perhaps way way behind you.
  • snooknreds2snooknreds2 Posts: 514 Officer
    Thanks for the reply.

    Nope you don't know me, but if you did I would just call you on the phone to go ride...lol

    Not sure what "social group" you are referring to, or an outsider of what group? But either way I will pm you when I get back in the country and we can ride; together or way way apart...leave the choice to you
    A lazy fisherman is a boater!!
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