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Input on Printer deal

barlow46barlow46 Posts: 312 Deckhand
Any input on this setup to print your own pics?

East Coast Florida


  • FlashFlash Posts: 11,193 AG
    In my opinion they are crap. Not so much for the picture printing ability but get ready for the ink cost. The other thing is if you want to print just Black and White, you will not be able to IF you run out of ANY other colored inks. Atleast the Pixa MG5220 model I had did that. A call to Canon, it was explained to me that they use the other inks to "lube the printer heads", so obviously you will run out of ink quicker. I rarely used color anymore and had no way to print even a standard letter. Then also, being this model had a flatbed scanner, even the scanner would not work. Thankfully I found an answer for that online and that is all I use it for now......scanning.
    For Printing I picked up a Brother HL Black and White only ink toner printer. Dang thing works great.

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  • barlow46barlow46 Posts: 312 Deckhand
    Thanks. I figured the color cost would be high but didn't realize the black and white depended on all cartridges being ok. Am always concerned when a deal looks too good, usually a reason they are trying to get ride of it. Appreciate the info and I will stick with my HP 6450 that I have had for a few years.
    East Coast Florida
  • reel stamasreel stamas Posts: 6,153 Admiral
    Some of those Printers use so much Ink that they'll basically GIVE you the Printer to hook you into buying the Ink...
    I have an Epson @ home & a Brother MFS @ the office... Both have been great...
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