7/19 & 7/20 Pine Island Bday

Went out Sat. and Sunday with my father and Fiance to find some reds for my bday. Was a little surprised to find a few nice schools of reds (100+ fish ) early both mornings. Could not get them to chew on the gold spoons or top dogs we were throwing. Did well on Sat. till the tide fell out.

My old man caught a 38" snook on a gold spoon and we caught a half dozen reds on spoons and top dogs all in the mid slot range about 24". Should have had a lot more but for some reason they would charge the top dogs throwing a huge v from about 10 feet away and then boil off it at the lure? Tried everything from stopping the lure to speeding it up to slowing it down. Just could not get them to commit all the way... Very frustrating.

Sunday we found a few reds under the bushes in the morning in the upper slot and over range.

About 11 am found a nice school of about 40 fish in a location about 10 miles from where we had seen the other schools. We managed to pull 3 out of it before we lost it. 2 of the 3 were well over the slot, but one would have been close enough to take a ride to the scales and let the measure man decide.

Great weekend with perfect weather. Excited to see that the fish are starting to school up and looking forward to the next 3 months of schooling fish!!!


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