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anybody fishin skyway friday? anything biting?

mark1mark1 Posts: 11 Greenhorn
planning to go sometime Friday morning after work. I plan on being there before sunrise. trying to figure best place to go and best plan. any ideas or anyone going any info is appreciated I am looking to get some grouper. thanx in advance


  • jershjersh Posts: 90 Deckhand
    Tide predictions for Friday morning don't appear to be ideal for getting bait out to the rock piles since it will be coming in. Use Google Earth satellite images to plan your locations. You can zoom in and use the light poles in relation to landmarks to make sure you're on the rocks. Use some shrimp or squid to pull up some pinfish from under the bridge and cast one out as far as you can with plenty of lead to hold it down. You can also try dropping a pinfish straight down under the pier, never know what might swim through and slam it. Either way, it's officially the dog-days of summer out there, so better to go in with low expectations and be pleasantly surprised if you find a good bite vs. expecting a good bite and getting skunked. Also make sure you take plenty of lead with you, if you're trying to throw out to the rocks, snags and breakoffs are a guarantee.
  • jershjersh Posts: 90 Deckhand
    I stopped by the SSP today and braved the heat for a few hours. I started off by pulling up about a dozen pinfish with squid. I tried tiny treble hooks for the first time today and they worked great. I would cut a piece that was just big enough to cover all three hooks, used my filet knife to cut a slit in the center of the squid, and then pull the eye of the treble hook up through the slit, and then put the baited hook on with a swivel-clip. I used 2 rods to target grouper, I put one pinfish on the bottom with 4 oz of lead about 15 yards off the pier, and I freelined a pinfish with the second rod out to the rocks. I only managed one bite, something slammed the first pinfish that I put on the bottom. I forgot that I had a circle hook on so i tried to set the hook and lost the fish. I also saw an old boy pulling up quite a few macks. He invited me down to his honey hole and they immediately stopped biting when I got there. He was pulling them up with a silver spoon under 3 oz of lead. He had a full limit.
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