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Vacation to Tampa Area

charlestonboy72charlestonboy72 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
Hey y'all,the family taking a vacation to the Tampa area this weekend. I'm an avid fisherman back home in Charleston. I'm hoping for get out for a few hours once or twice while there. Looks like I'll be wade or surf fishing. I want to get into some big trout or snook. Heck reds are great too and mangrove taste good. Can anybody me some tips to wading while down there? Bait to use? Areas to go? Not looking for honey holes, unless ya want ! Also I think it may be worth a shot to try and catch a snook off the beach. What beach can I go to? If anybody who knows the area wants to possibly meet up, I'm down


  • FishaHallicFishaHallic Posts: 660 Officer
    What City will you be staying in?
  • charlestonboy72charlestonboy72 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Seffner. That's why I'm thinking Gandy Bridge or Weedon. Although I was told Weedon isn't as good without a kayak..
  • fuller083fuller083 Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    Wheedon Island is good either way, but if you want a Kayak you can rent them out there. I don't know the price off the top of my head. I live in Riverview and go down to EG Simmons Park in Apollo Beach and fish the North canal, mostly wading, and have had pretty good luck out there.
  • jershjersh Posts: 90 Deckhand
    If you want to go to Weedon your best bet is to park at the main education center there and follow the hiking trails out to the bay. It's about a 10 minute hike. Short enough that you should be able to keep a bucket of shrimp alive if you dunk 'em as soon as you get to the water. From there you can either wade out onto the grass flats and go for trout or you can wade along the mangroves and hope for a snook for redfish. I used to wade out there a lot before I got my kayak.
  • charlestonboy72charlestonboy72 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Wow! Thanks guys! We made the drive down last night. Now NY next question, closest tackle shop around Weedon, maybe to pick up a few odds and ends. Live bait, and fishing license s?
  • jershjersh Posts: 90 Deckhand
    Gandy Bait and Tackle is on the Tampa side of the Gandy bridge, that's the best/closest. If they have any shrimp they will be pretty puny. If they have any small pinfish they are just as good for snook/trout/reds.
  • tears143tears143 Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    salior mike is next door to gandy as well... Have more and different bait.
  • charlestonboy72charlestonboy72 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Thanks y'all! Fished Weedon sunday from sunup till 1030 or 11. Waded down from the yak launch, minimal success on all plastics and live shrimp. A few short mangrove snapper to show. Then went to the legion and waded those sand flats. Saw several sheepshead, a few snook, and some reds. Didn't catch fish but had a blast! Beautiful area y'all have got here. Now for my charter in the morning
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