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Another Sport Trail praise report!!

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As I was headed back to south Ga today, I looked in the side mirror and noticed one of my LED lights was out on the side of the trailer. I called Kevin at Sport Trail and spoke with him about sending me another light. He quickly told me that he has become aware of an issue with this certain light and has decided it was not up to Sport Trail standards. Rather than telling me where to go online and order one, or simply sending me another light, he informed me that he has started using a better brand with double the water protection. Not only is he sending me a replacement for that light, he is also sending me a complete set of the new, better lights. Free of charge. He said he wanted them all to match. He also told me to take it to a certified person to have them installed and send him the bill. I explained to him that I could install the lights and he said he would send plenty of the water proof connectors and if I had any problems what so ever, call him or find a shop to install them and again, he would pick up the bill. Now fellas......that is service. I am almost 6 hours away, in a place where I've never even seen another Sport Trail trailer. He could have given me the run around. He could have had me go thru and extensive, time consuming trouble shooting game. He did none of the above. He stepped up and stood behind his outstanding product with superior service. That is why I will never own anything.... But a Sport Trail!!!! If anyone needs a trailer of any kind, please support this fine small business man!!! Tell him BB sent ya!!
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