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"Saturday Morning"

A couple of quick edits from this morning's pre-dawn, insomnia walk at the bridge. Enjoy your weekend and have some fun! Peace.




  • mississippi macmississippi mac Posts: 4,222 Captain
    nice images...
    really nice abstracts...
    picasso comes to mind....

    The Real White Dog

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  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    Thank you, sir. The shutter was open for 15 seconds in each of the two photos above.
  • ChuckcChuckc Posts: 4,397 Captain
    Tripod and no traffic then Craig? I would like to catch a shot of downtown Jax at night from the I-95 bridge but that concrete mother bounces way too much.
  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,415 AG
    Chuck, I have been on that bridge many times. I agree it is like a trampoline. I can only wonder what the civil and structural engineers were thinking. It is definitely a bit unsettling.

    The image above were 15 second exposures from the "high bridge" (Blue Heron Blvd Viaduct) over the ICW in Riviera Beach. I live just out of the frame to the right, on Singer Island.

    That structure is quite ridged so no bouncing. Yes is was obviously early so 15 seconds with no traffic was no big deal.
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