Found - dive gear

joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,289 Captain
While approximately 5 miles off Casperson Beach (Sarasota County) this morning I came up on an empty air tank and full body harness (regulators/gauges etc all attached) floating free in the current. The outfit had not been out there long as it had no growth on it. I turned it in to a Sarasota County Sheriff deputy that met me at a local bait store on the ICW. If you lost it it should be easy to identify and claim. Not being a diver I had no idea how much an outfit like that weighs. Curious on how an item(s) like that were lost?


  • Triple Threat 33TTriple Threat 33T Port CanaveralPosts: 18,669 Admin
    Not strapped in properly after a dive, maybe even left on the swim platform and forgotten after a dive, anywhere from a light chop to 3-4's, good bye three grand or more.

    That's best case scenario, worse case is whoever was wearing it is still out there. Hopefully it's the former
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  • joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,289 Captain
    Bump - never heard another word about this. If it remains unclaimed I'll check to see if I can claim it. Hard to believe no one missed this equipment.
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