Torsa 30

Torsa 30 no drag, new drag washer and plate but nothing, any ideas? Let me know if I didn't post this in the right place, I don't want anyone to get upset and report me to some mythical internet police.
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    **** you! **** you all!
    Stinky old Rock_Fish
  • quyvan5186quyvan5186 Posts: 49 Deckhand
    scrolling through i found this post, last post was funny. Did you ever fixed the problem? Im thinking about getting the same reel. I know there are a few post out there on Alan Tani of the disassembly, it seems like you are missing one of the washers or could be assembled wrong.
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    Shimano has a Platinum Warranty on Torsas... For $30 Labor Charge they will get it working like new & there's never any charge for Parts... I send all mine in ~every 1-2 years for 'tune-ups'... (The Drag Cam has to be replaced correctly or 'No Drag')
    If you're looking I have an extra 'used' Torsa 30 (No Line) for $450...
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  • quyvan5186quyvan5186 Posts: 49 Deckhand
    Thanks but i actually just got a never used 30 on CL for $400, some old fella from the boons of nowhere. Could you post pics? just in case someone stumbles on this page or I decide to get a backup.
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