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DualFins - RC planer boards

My son made 100 DualFins and they are ready to go at 4 for $45 free shipping. They plane to the side and flip direction if you give them a little tug. It is like having remote control to steer where ever you want down stream in a river or any place that has some current. They are also great for trolling and getting in close to shore or zigzagging your lure in open water. I say they are like a stunt kite with just one string. They only weigh 1 ounce for medium weight rod, are made of indestructible foam, they clip on (in-line), and have a adjustable sensitive release, can be attached in 3 seconds, they wont knock the fish off when they slide down the line and are easy to net with the fish because they are so light and made of high density flexible foam.
Email me if you are interested [email protected] PayPal or send check. This sale is only good through the end of 2011.
Paul & Son, Jon at www.dualfin.com and www.bulletbobber.com



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