Check fraud?

SwizzleSwizzle Posts: 534 Officer
A friend of mine installs underwater lights on boats for a living. He did a job for a guy who had just processed the boat days earlier from a friend. The boat was on a lift being stored. My buddy completes the job and informs the gut that his batteries were dead. Pleased with the work the guy pays $750 for the job, then leaves for vacation. Upon return the slip was sagging (the bilge having a lot of water in it). So, the guy cancels the check blaming my friend for not properly sealing the flush mount rod holders that were already installed. So he tells my friend to **** off. However the plug was left in the boat and the automatic bilge couldn't kick on with dead batteries. Now he hasthe lights, wires, and $750. Every police department is giving him the run around. Any suggestions?


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