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Taylor Made Zip On Weather Enclosure for T-top boats - $299.95, plus shipping

coverguycoverguy Posts: 13 Greenhorn
UNIVERSAL T-TOP ZIP ON WEATHER ENCLOSURE BY TAYLOR MADE PRODUCTS Taylor Made's "Zip On Weather Enclosure" will install and fit any T-Top cover frame. Three five-foot zipper panel strips are attached to the cover frame with zip ties. The strips allow the three panels to "zip on" the T-Top cover frame. This allows the (3) panels to then zip together, forming a three-sided rectangular enclosure.

Constructed from Taylor Made's Ultima fabric (solution dyed polyester), ensuring the absolute best performance in strength, color fastness, and UV stability, for added longevity. Its urethane coating provides superior water repellency while maintaining breathability. The rectangular shape at the base of the front and both sides of the enclosure are reinforced. The enclosure base will conform and fit the length and width of any combination of center consoles and T-Top supports.

The enclosure is designed to simply "Zip on" and "Zip off" the T-Top cover frame. The complete enclosure may be deployed or removed and stored in less than a minute. The front center panel can also be used as a "stand-alone" windshield.

"Zips on" for bad weather! "Zips off" for good weather! Protective storage bag included. Available in Blue or Gray colors. Made in USA Made in USA
Fits any T-Top cover frame
Constructed with Taylor Made's Ultima fabric
Zip on/Zip off for Easy Installation and Removal

$299.95 plus $19.95 shipping
Darren Fitzgerald
[email protected]
cell # 856-857-7475


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