Livewell pump failure...electrical issues

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Here's a scenario for those of you (most) who are more skilled in electrical wiring issues than me...

On the last two trips, the livewell pump was pumping erratically. It would pump in bursts, then the "hum" turned into a high pitched squeal. It would do this intermittently, but would usually go back to normal after a few seconds of the squealing. Then on the last trip, with a livewell full of pilchards, the pump stopped working completely. The switch still lights up and all other electrical components on the boat are functioning as normal that I'm aware of. Fast forward to this afternoon...I assumed (apparently wrongly) that the 3.5 year old pump had gone out, so I replaced it. Hooked the new pump up and nada...switch still lights up as before, but nothing is happening. So, any ideas as to where the problem may be?


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    Disconnect the leads at the pump one at a time. Use a known 12v power source (your battery) and run a wire from it to the pump. If the pump works, you know the problem is the positive wire. If it still does not work, reconnect the positive lead and disconnect the ground side at the pump. Run a wire from a known good ground to the ground side terminal on the pump. If it works, your problem is with the ground and you can just run a new ground lead to the pump.
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    At 3.5yrs and it bench testing ok, my first though would be the old butt connectors had gone bad or the wire on the back of the switch had come loose. The led on the switch uses its own ground. So even if nothing is connected to the switch the led should light up when the switch is turned to the on position.

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