Fusion Speakers/Stereo Not Working Right

seabiscuitseabiscuit Posts: 1,033 Officer
Hello! I have a two year old 20 foot Tidewater with 150 Yamaha. Had a Fusion Stereo with iPod connector and four 200 watt speakers installed. Worked great for two years, then noticed that one speaker wasn't working. Went underneath and jiggled some wires, barely touching them and then three speakers went out. I localized the area to a gray connector that has various colors of wires representing left and right zones, power, etc. I undid the connector, sprayed lightly with corrosion x and put back. Got two speakers to work. Really frustrating because I have barely used this boat and these are supposed to be marine quality wires and connections. Any advice on what to do? Thanks!


  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 977 Officer
    Giggling wires isn't a long term solution, if for no other reason than as soon as you run across the bay they will "un-jiggle" from the vibration. Sounds like you've got a connection/corrorsion problem. Was any part of this connection open to salt air? You may need to clean connections physically, cut back wire, etc. Using wire ties and what not to support the wire can help too -- it keeps gravity from pulling things apart.
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