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Squall 30VSW problems

redcock22redcock22 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
Bought two new Squall 30VSW reels for offshore fishing. I used them about 6 times locally offshore and they performed wonderfully. On day 2 of Keys vacation with a fantastic Mahi bite, one of them locks at about 5 lbs of drag regardless of lever position. Also when line pulled off spool the handle turns. Called Penn customer service and told to take it to service center in Marathon. They said they couldn't repair it in time for me to use it again before leaving Keys. Then today my kids Penn Regiment shattered (broke into 3 pieces simultaneously) while catching small snappers inshore. This was a brand new warranty replacement for a similar failure last month. I'm a Penn guy. I own at least 10 different Penn combos. I've been satisfied with the product until now. But I'm not very confident heading offshore again tomorrow with my lone Squall after 3 Penn failures this month. Where do you want me to send this gear when I get home? And I don't want another new Regiment.



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