Sanibel Trip Report 2014

TgrassTgrass Posts: 204 Deckhand
My friends and I spent a week at my new condo on Sanibel and we had a very good outing. These are just a few pictures of some of the Snook and a few others fish that stopped by to say hello.

This is my friends best fish at 38 inches.

My friend Stan with his very first Snook. Always nice to get the first Bucket List fish, no matter the size.

My best day on the water was when I found a pod of Snook cruising the beach about 30 feet of shore on a long flat and I was able to pull 4 fish from the same school before the 5th fish wore through the bite tippet. It was my best day of the week with sight casting and landing 12 fish and at least 5 others that hit and came unbuttoned,some on some really wild jumps. Snook are really entertaining fish on so many levels.

This fish was 24 inches and one of the ones from the school

The was my best fish of the trip and I only wish we took a little time to clean her up a little. This girl was 40 inches

These are some others fish that helped make for a great trip

These are the toothy critters that can hurt you a little.

Some of the days the wind as seen in this photo was a pain but the fish still were somewhat cooperative.

This is just one of the scenes we came along when we were walking back to our car.

My friend still has not gotten over when he got slammed by a large fish that hit very hard and the surge of the fish caused his fly line to wrap around the reel or butt of the rod but the impact of the line going tight left him feeling very sad. He lost approximately 40 to 50 feet of fly line, the leader, fly and what ever ever hit.

This was the location that provided a lot of our action during the week. It was a great trip


  • ShadowcastShadowcast Wimauma, FLPosts: 1,054 Officer
    Awesome pictures! Great trip!
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  • Snookslayer772Snookslayer772 Posts: 170 Officer
    Awesome! Nothing better than sight fishing beach snook.
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,334 Officer
    Are you strictly sight fishing for the snook or are you making blind casts until you spot some?
  • TgrassTgrass Posts: 204 Deckhand
    We tried to do as much sight fishing as we could. That is not as easy as we would like it , mostly because of other people in the area. if you want to walk and can find fish on a flat with little to no people, they are a lot less spooky. Finding that scenario is rather difficult unfortunately.

    The big Snook were actually taken blind casting but we knew they were there because they were starting their spawn and you would see see them do a porpoise roll a couple of times before going down. Still awesome to see and gave you the incentive to keep at it and it proved very worthwhile.
  • catch itcatch it Posts: 136 Officer
    Favorite pastime. Excellent fish.
  • telsonmantelsonman Posts: 44 Deckhand
    what flies were yall having the best luck on???
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  • kbkeyskbkeys Posts: 691 Officer
    Haven't done beach stalking like that for awhile...sure is fun...nice going...what were you throwing?
  • CPAforSnookCPAforSnook Posts: 70 Greenhorn
    Great report. Were you at Bowman's Beach?
  • remo_5_0remo_5_0 Posts: 280 Deckhand
    Wow, what an awesome trip! I hit Sanibel last time I was in Florida, what a great spot, I was only able to hook some small ones.
  • swampguyswampguy Posts: 8 Greenhorn
    Very nice! The water quality looks good. We were down there last year in the 1st week of August and the water was terrible from all the releases from Lake O!
  • eeekbackupinthereeeekbackupinthere Posts: 75 Greenhorn
  • TgrassTgrass Posts: 204 Deckhand
    The two flies used were Norm Zeigler's Schminnow and my friend Stan's fly we decided to call the "Stanyo".

    The sight fishing at Bowmans Beach was on the Schminnow and it worked extremely well.

    The Stanyo was the fly that we used at Blind Pass and we fished it basically blind 90 % pf the time and it was responsible for most of the fish including the 38 inch fish and the 40 inch fish caught at the Pass. We did use it to cast at some big fish that we saw porpoise in the channel and connected on a few of them as well. This fly was awesome.
  • redjimredjim Posts: 774 Officer
    Wonderful trip great photos!
  • USNavy_AnglerUSNavy_Angler Posts: 473 Officer
    I have been meaning to go try for some beach Snook on fly. You guys are an inspiration! Great report!
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  • SUPER DSUPER D Posts: 672 Officer
    looks like a fun trip, great bunch of fish.

  • SlamaholicSlamaholic Posts: 389 Officer
    Great Report
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