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Too funny. First there even being such a bet available and then a guy winning it. It seems there were 167 bets placed on this in total! :)

While the Italian was rubbing his shoulder, one punter in Norway was counting his winnings - and planning a trip to England!

A Norwegian football fan has scooped nearly £2,000 after Luis Suarez bit Giorgio Chiellini in the World Cup on Tuesday.

Richard Helmersen put 100 kroner (about a tenner) on the Uruguayan biting again at 175/1 having twice been punished for doing so.

And when Suarez sunk his teeth into Chiellini on Tuesday evening Helmersen became £1,880 richer.

"It's really quite surreal," he told TV2. "I sit watching the game and when it happens I start to get messages from buddies who knew I'd put money on it. It's quite fun.

"I started to laugh. I thought 'is he really so stupid that he does it again?'"

He adds that he'll put his winnings towards a trip to England to watch Premier League football.

"A little extra money comes the always handy when it's summer in southern Norway. But there will be definitely a football trip to England in the autumn!"
Maybe if we tell people that the brain is an App, they will start using it.


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