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Phytophotodermatitis- P.S.A.

bottomtimebottomtime Posts: 442 Deckhand
Most of you probably clicked on this thread to find out what in the world that $3 word in the title is- GOOD!

Phytohotodermatitis was something I had never heard of prior to this weekend, but I'm doing my part to spread the word about it. We spent Saturday out on Dog Island with several other families and their children, all having a grand time. The son of one of our friends was complaining about something stinging him in the water, but there were no obvious signs like would be present from a jelly fish. A few minutes later, he had a lime from the boat, and was rubbing it on his "bites" and said that it made the itching stop. I thought to myself- "cool, another 'home remedy' to remember". By Sunday night, the young fellow was at the ER with terrible blistering on his skin. Long story made short, after being transported from Tally to Shands, and the lime incident being relayed to doctors down there that took it seriously, he was diagnosed with phytophotodermatitis- sometimes referred to as "Lime disease" (not to be confused with Lyme Disease). I'll encourage everyone to Google it for themselves, but it is basically a reaction between Lime juice and UV rays that create a chemical burn. The lad has extensive second degree burns over a significant part of his body- all because of lime juice.

I couldn't have fathomed this happening to him when I saw him rubbing the lime on his skin, but I would sure hate to see anyone else have to go through what he is right now. Please pass the word concerning the dangers of this reaction in hopes of preventing another occurrence such as this one.

Sunday night


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    thanks for the spoiler alert.

    I was eating some liquid **** just as I clicked.
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    Ouch! Glad he'll be alright. My face, shoulders and back looked like that a couple times when I was caught in flashovers.
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    Popeye carries gonasyphiherpeaids
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    I've had that happen from fire coral and did not use lime at all.
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    Glad the boy is OK...

    All "home remedies" are not that good for you... apparently. :)
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    My son had it on both hands from squeezing limes on the boat for our margaritas!
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    Wow, that is horrible. Poor little boy. I hate to see kids suffering. I will be sure to keep this in mind as we have many families visiting us this year. Thanks for the heads up.
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    I was reading an article about making your own laundry soap and one person was asking about adding citrus oil. The original poster said do not ever add citrus oil to anything that could come in contact with your skin and sunlight. She said it would cause severe burns- she was dead on!!!!
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